Academic Services

eAcademic Pros is a unique platform that provides diverse learning services to facilitate students in getting their college degrees online, without any hassle. Through our world class higher learning opportunities, our affiliated universities share the burden of earning an education with their students, so that they have sufficient time to focus on their studies

We have flexible academic opportunities for students that best fit their individual needs. We try to provide complete peace of mind to students of our partner universities, to make their academic journey more progressing and stress free. Following are the services we offer to students of our affiliated universities.

Scholarship Program

We at eAcademic Pro are keen to help students worldwide. Partner universities of eAcademic Pros offers scholarship and grants worth millions of dollars each year to its students from all across the world. Our partner universities also offer both merit based and non-merit based scholarships to students.

Student & Alumni Center

eAcademic Pro has a dynamic alumni center, where members of our affiliated universities are encouraged to communicate with students, faculty members, staff and others in the community. Student and Alumni center is an online portal whereby members can manage their course materials, their scholarships, grants etc. They can also get in touch with their teachers and faculty of the partner universities at any time.

Free Consultancy

The student counsellors and support team at eAcademic Pros remains active all round the clock so they can answer academic and career related queries instantly. We strive every day to make sure that we deliver an exceptional learning experience to all our students.