eAP Tuition Comparison

eAcademic Pros has made paying for your school fee very convenient; we realize that paying for school is one of the most exhausting tasks many students face before, during and even after graduation, so we’ve made everything very simple for you. We believe that there should be no stopping or barriers to your education. Our degree programs are extremely economical and fit in just right even for the smallest budget. You don’t need to have an extravagant budget to get quality education with us at eAP. Unlike other colleges who require you to pay a fee for just about everything including your books, eAP includes the cost of your books and study materials in your tuition fee, so you'll never have to worry about extra fees; just one low, interest-free price payment is what it takes for you to earn a professional degree at eAP.

How eAP Can Help You Save

Our online tuition pricing is very reasonable when compared with other online universities. But this NOT mean that we compromise on quality, we monthly payments are very economical with a ZERO- interest value, eAP ensures that you graduate free and clear of school debt. And this is not all we offer, we don’t bother you with students loans, you don’t have to take out student loans; which means no loan repayments and in the long-term, more money in your pocket!