Fee Reduction Options

eAcademic Pros (eAP); a world class fraternity of learners where we completely understand the reigns you take to earn your degree, and which is why our partner universities offer profound fee reduction options for you to reduce your tuition fee cost significantly, thus creating a worry free space for you to complete your education.

Refer below for more information about the fee reduction options our partners at eAP offer currently.

Scholarship Program

Financial grant that you don’t have to pay back. Unlike educational loans, Scholarship grant at eAP’s partner universities is a fund that you do not have to pay back. Our partner universities are now offering scholarship grants of more than $100,000 per annum to its deserving students across the globe.

Payment Plans

Choose a convenient payment plan that suits you. A range of payment plans are available at our partner universities for students to choose from and finance their degree programs accordingly. Below is the list of payment plans available at eAP’s partner universities:

  • Standard Plan: The standard plan requires a student to pay his/her academic dues in full in the due time.
  • Installment Plan: The installment plan allows students to pay their academic dues in installments. In order to learn more about the installment plan, please contact our advisors who are available 24/7 for your assistance.
  • Direct Billing plan: If your company decides to sponsor your education, then a direct settlement can be done between our partner university and your employer for your education expenses.

Alumni Tuition Reduction Plan:

Are you an alumni from our partner university and thinking to continue your education? Through  Alumni Tuition Reduction Plan, alumni of our partner university can get as much as 25% of their tuition fee reduced for their current degree program. If you are a returning student, please feel free to contact eAP.  request information.

Military Appreciation Fee Reduction:

As a token of appreciation for the Veterans, eAP’s partner universities have launched a Military Appreciation Fee Reduction through which already reduced tuition fee for all its degree programs for the active or inactive military service members. Not only the tuition fee is reduced for veterans, but they can also avail the scholarship grants over and appreciation fee reduction, which will further lowers their educational expenses.