Graduate Certificate Program

Online Graduate Certificate is a premier graduate certification program. The certificate program is designed for, and available to, college educated professionals who manage teams, departments, divisions and for senior project managers and project directors who seek formal recognition. The successful manager must be in command of the requisite tools to access, monitor, analyze and apply company information and knowledge--technologically. The program is designed for any individual in a management role (middle, senior, executive levels) who seeks a better understanding in the field of project management, Information Technology for management, International Project Management and health Care Administration.


Program Offerings

Graduate Certificate Program in Project Management

The Online Graduate Certificate in MPM ™ (Master Project Management) is a premier graduate Master’s certification program. Learn More

Graduate Certificate Program in
Healthcare Administration

The Online Program leading to the Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration is a premier certificate program at the advanced level. Learn More

Graduate Certificate Program in
IT for Management

Technology is dramatically changing our economy and our society. Today’s decision-makers need a firm grasp of information technologies. Learn More

Graduate Certificate in
International Project

The (Graduate) Certificate Program in International Project Management is a high-quality graduate certificate program Learn More

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