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eAcademic pros is providing highest standard of education online through its globally accepted degree and certificate programs. eAcademic pros has a competitive edge over others by offering incomparable student support and the most affordable tuition fee rates in the industry. eAcademic Pros provides globally accredited degrees and certificate programs with flexible learning options through our partner universities for students from all across the globe.

Our foremost aim at eAcademic Pros is to eliminate all sorts of financial and geographical barriers for students and earn a degree of their choice.


eAcademic Pros offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree programs as well as certificate courses through our partner universities in the most profitable fields of study. Students can enroll through our simple online portal in the program of their choice, based on their preference, academic and job requirements. We have designed our programs in a way that they will help students in developing themselves for the best career opportunities. Faculty members of our partner universities play a significant role in developing students professionally to meet the challenges of the current economy and their respective job market.

Bachelor's Program

Getting an online Bachelor’s degree can be a great catalyst to a new career and a new life. eAcademic Pros offer accredited bachelor’s degree programs intended to provide students with an education that is affordable, matches their goals, and accommodates their schedules.

Master's Programs

The master’s degree credential is gaining popularity for employers when it comes to the next level job you might be looking for. By earning your master's degree, you become a veteran expert in a field that you love, which can lead to increased job satisfaction and higher earnings.

Doctorate Degree

Pursuing a doctoral degree can help position you to be a leader in the field you are passionate about. Our degrees focus on today’s challenging business and organizational needs, from addressing critical social issues to developing solutions to accelerate community building and industry growth.

Certificate Courses

Certificate programs as eAcademic Pros offer the appropriate education and, after completion, a document that certifies your education and training. We understand the tangible benefits of these programs and strive to make what you learn directly applicable to the environment you work in.

Exceptional Career Move

Our partner universities always make significant efforts to improve the academic system and integrate innovative methodologies to make it more affordable.

International Study Body for Better Association

Our partner universities have set up a student body that comprises of experts from different parts of the world. We have built up a diverse community so that students can easily connect with them and feel free to discuss their various education and job related issues.

Highest Standard of Career-Relevant Education

Our partner universities provide career-relevant education through their up-to-date and industry relevant programs. We make sure that students acquire those set of expertise and knowledge, which is expected from them in the professional world.

24/7 Support For Students' Ease

eAcademic Pros' support team and our partner universities’ student support team remain active round the clock for the assistance of students.