VA Education Benefits

Veterans are professionals who have served the armed forces and had direct exposure to the acts of military conflicts, that is why their personalities are made up of commendable work ethic and other praiseworthy qualities including discipline, leadership, and adaptability to name a few. So if you’re a veteran and desire to obtain a Certificate, Associate, Bachelor or Master's degree, then believe without a doubt that education can enhance your chances of entering the civilian job market. eAcademic Pros' online degrees and career training programs allow veterans to maximize their time, and enhance their career prospects especially when adjusting to life after military service.

Several Advantages of Veteran Education

A significant portion of eAP 's college student body is made up of veterans. We have devised and developed special services to meet all your unique needs. Our support system of dedicated Military Advisors offers the guidance you'll need from day one to commencement day in the most professional manner.

It's our mission to assist students with:

  • Enhance eligible education benefits
  • Completing the application process clearly
  • Receiving credit for prior coursework and training

Just 3 Easy Steps To Get You Started

Verify Eligibility

Email us at for further information to verify your eligibility status and get assistance with the application process.

Complete Application for Benefits

Email us at, and we’ll get back to you with the application benefit form, have that form filled and email us back for further information.

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Veteran-friendly Education on Your Terms

Enroll any time of the year and study 100% online. In just a short time, you could graduate with a degree that combines your military work ethic with the solid educational foundation employers seek.

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