Active Duty

Military Education Benefits

Served the forces? Want to jumpstart a new career option now? Then get ahead in your studies with quality degree programs with eAP from anywhere at your convenience! You can also earn your degree while your serve with the active duty military education benefits, the prices are extremely economical you can start from a little to no out-of-pocket cost with us at eAP . You can access courses for your selected degree program, interact with instructors, socialize with peers or individuals who come from the same background , or talk with a variety of individuals from different backgrounds, share concepts and complete assignments entirely online ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

Military Distance Education Benefits

Quality education is vital for a successful service and civilian career, so take advantage of the education benefits you've earned. We’ve devised customized services to meet your unique needs. We have a professional support system of devoted Military Advisors who provide the guidance you'll need to succeed, while studying for your preferred degree and in the future.

We Assist Students With:

  • Maximizing eligible education benefits
  • Completing the application process
  • Receiving credit for prior coursework and training

Military-friendly Online Programs

Maximum Credit for Military Training & Prior Education

Graduate on a fast pace by applying existing college credits and military/work life experience toward your degree at eAP . Credit earned in various military leadership programs could also apply toward your degree. Students may receive sufficient transfer credits in their undergraduate degree and Masters degree programs.

Just 4 Easy Steps Gets You Started

1. Eligibility

Verify your TA eligibility with your Education Service Officer

2. Contact eAcademic Pros

Email us at to discuss your academic goals.

3. Transcript Evaluation

Send in previous college transcripts for transfer credit evaluation at no cost.

4. Enroll in a class

Forward your TA approval to us to enroll in your classes and get started.

Active Duty-friendly Education on Your Terms

Enroll any time of the year and study 100% online, wherever military service takes you. In just a short time, you could graduate with a degree recognized by the military and employers.

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