The courses offered at our partner universities are developed and taught by a group of professionals whose backgrounds cover a broad range of expertise, academics, and industries. It is important to feature our faculty so that you get a better understanding of who is behind the scene, developing and supporting the courses and programs being offered byour partner universities.

Dr. Russell James

PhD in Marketing
B.S., University of Memphis
M.S., University of Memphis
Ph.D., University of Memphis

Dr. James Thomas

PhD in Management Sciences
B.S., Trinity College
M.S., London School of Economics
Ph.D., Trinity College

Dr. Ben McCue

PhD in Computer Science
B.S., Monash University
M.S., Monash University
Ph.D., University of Western Australia

Dr. Linda Howell

PhD in Finance
B.S., University of Memphis
M.S., University of Memphis
Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Dr. Jasper Hosking

PhD in Health Sciences
B.S., RMIT University
M.S., RMIT University
Ph.D., Deakin University

Dr. Emma Wilkins

PhD in Education Leadership
B.S., Sunderland University
M.S., Sunderland University
Ph.D., University of Manchester

Dr. Andreas Emblem

PhD in Industrial & Organizational Psychology
B.S., University of Oslo
M.S., University of Oslo
Ph.D., University of Oslo