Educational Leadership

eAcademic Pros offers School of Education degrees for graduate and undergraduate students which will help them to lead and qualify for a variety of career opportunities which involves working with children and youth in non-governmental, non-profit organizations. This is also significant for students who wish to pursue post graduate degrees in education and related fields. This is not a teacher certification program and does not lead to initial teaching/administrative licenses. You will learn to analytically scrutinize the role of education in the global arena and the impact of educational programs.

Learn With Us

eAcademic Pros is well-known for creating leaders who work towards creating a better tomorrow through the knowledge and skills they have acquired out of their eAcademic Pros professional studies.

Alumni Network

eAcademic Pro has a dynamic alumni center, that has huge global network of students all around the world. This has facilitated students of eAcademic Pros in acquiring great job opportunities anywhere in the world.

Fees And Funding

We understand that it’s difficult for students to pursue their desired education due to financial constraints. For this reason, we offer financial aid plans, scholarships and grants, so our education is accessible for everyone.


Faculty researchers at eAcademic Pros play a vital role in contributing positively towards the industries development, discoveries and innovative programs which are now being followed all over the globe.

Program Offering

The Faculty of Business & Management offers following Program Majors: