Enrolling in any educational program is a big step, whether you’re looking to earn a degree or learn new professional skills for a career change. We believe in making the experience of choosing the right program for you - and the admissions process that follows - as pleasant and informative as possible.

At our eAcademic Pros, we have a team of dedicated Admissions Advisors who are all qualified and skilled. They are available to answer your questions and guide you through the application process.

Within the admission application form, students will be encouraged to choose the program they intent to pursue at eAcademic Pros at degree level i.e. undergraduate, graduate and doctorate. Along with this option, you will also be asked to choose your specialization.


Fee Payment Options

We stand out from our competitors as we offer students various payment options to pay according to their convenience and study at their own pace.

Fee Reduction Options

Students can choose either of the payment option in order to reduce the overall tuition fee as suggested. Furthermore, the following choices are also offered for fee reduction.

Scholarship & Grants

Students who perform exceptionally well and excel in their academics, the partner universities of eAcademic Pro recognizes such students and offer them scholarships and grants.

Transfer of Credits

We also help students who want to transfer their credits from previous attended college/university and accept all such applicants in our certificate and degree programs.

Exceptional Career Move

eAcademic Pros always makes significant efforts to improve the academic system and integrates innovative methodologies to make it more affordable.

International Study Body for Better Association

eAcademic Pros has set up a student body that comprises of experts from different parts of the world. We have built up a diverse community so that students can easily connect with them and feel free to discuss their various education and job related issues.

Highest Standard of Career-Relevant Education

eAcademic Pros provides career-relevant education through its up-to-date and industry relevant programs. We make sure that students acquire those set of expertise and knowledge, which is expected from them in the professional world.

24/7 Support For Students' Ease

eAcademic Pros' support team remains active round the clock for the assistance of students. Student counselors and support team answer academic and career related queries.